Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Two Temples in Khon Kaen 2-20-07

After work today my colleagues took me to see two impressive temples in K.K. The first is 9 storeys tall. We climbed to the top for a view of the city and its pretty lake and residential districts. The stairs are steep, but I made it (with a few photo stops along the way). It was worth it. Sunset is the perfect time to visit here.

The second wat is relatively new (maybe 10 years or so). Built in a traditional NE Thai style, with Laotian influences, it is very peaceful, quiet, and beautiful in its garden setting.

Dinner was excellent Vietnamese and Thai food with Library Director, Dr. Smarn Loipha, his wife (a former Dean of Education and VP at KKU), Dr. Yupin Techamanee (a professor of Library Science and my crack interpreter), and her friend, a Nursing faculty member.

Khon Kaen Workshop 2-20-07

Once again, the workshop started off well. More than 50 participants, overflowing into the hall, where they watch by monitor. We only have 2 days in this workshop, so I've cut my lectures some and they will have less time for group work (the best part, I think). Oh well.

A fine group of colleagues.