Wednesday, February 21, 2007

KKU Library

Khon Kaen University is about 40 years old and was established to conduct research, as well as teaching. It reminds me of Virginia Tech and Penn State, with agriculture, science, and technology getting top billing here. One difference from VT and PSU is that KKU has an important medical school.
The library here is lively, bright, inviting. The new cafe is full-service and near the front entrance, as is Circulation (including self-check-out), and computer labs. They are renovating one floor at the time, AND constructing a bridge to the adjacent building where the computing center is. Just what we'd love to do at Denison.

The bulletin board near the front door was polling users in honor of Valentines Day to find out what love means to them. The answers are posted on the board. Everyone has had lots of fun with it.

Workshop Wed., Feb. 21

As always, the group work and their presentations were the best part of the two days. Participants enjoy it, and we all learn so much. You'll see the closing ceremony where each participant received an impressive certificate.
Having only two days for this workshop made it more challenging for the groups to have enough time together, so I will modify some lectures for the final workshop in southern Thailand.

After a tour of the campus and medical library, my hosts and I had dinner at a pretty, new restaurant near the airport (there was Mexican food on the menu, but I had a terrific fruit salad!) and a big send-off at the airport.
My visit to Khon Kaen University has been another inspiring and learning experience for me, and I hope for the participants.