Monday, February 5, 2007

First day of lectures/workshop at SWU

We work and we eat (every 2 hours max.)!

Today's lectures went well, though it may have been a bit too much of me talking and participants listening. The famous Thai reticence seems to be true, but by the end of the day we did manage some discussion, and they submitted questions on note cards so I could respond to them. The translation was effective at the end of each lecture, and the students seemed interested. Tomorrow will be three more lectures, then Wednesday and Thursday will be group work to analyze the lecture topics from the Thai perspective and making plans for how to begin some new projects. Each group will make a presentation at the end. I'll be glad to learn more about how they do things here, and what they'd like to do next.

One of the interesting things I learned today is that there is no standard transliteration for the Thai alphabet, so that impedes sharing information and using utilities such as OCLC. I asked if the project is underway, but no one seems to think so. Hmmmmm.

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Iowa Julie said...

Hi, Scottie!

That classroom looks imposing! I'm sure that you had everyone enthralled--with your NC accent if nothing else! Seriously, I'm sure you did a great job. Take care and have fun.