Friday, February 9, 2007

Friday, Feb. 9 Thailand Creative & Design Center Library

The Thailand Creative and Design Center Library is a complete contrast to the National Library. This is a special library, all high tech and mod design, established by the Royal Thai Government "to foster creativity and imaginative thinking within Thai society through the sponsorship of a new educational center of international caliber." Opened in late 2005, it is a membership library focusing on entrepreneurs and university students of design, but the basic dues are kept pretty low because of government support.

Located on the top floor of the VERY upscale Emporium mall, the view is spectacular. It is an economic development initiative, and it was busy today, suggesting that it is working. They collect widely, books, journals, media, and design products (housed in a neat library arrangement of their own). Their programmer developed a system for computer screens at eye level on the book shelves whereby you can touch the screen to see what books are on the high shelves above (including images of the cover, the contents page, etc.) Pretty cool. I suspect they will run out of space here before their current lease is up in a few years. Adjacent to the library is a permanent design exhibit (an early VW Beetle, clothing, furniture, etc.) and a pretty restaurant.

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