Tuesday, February 27, 2007

SWU's Ongkharak Campus Library 2-26-07

I spent the day with colleagues at the Ongkharak Library of SWU (about 90 minutes outside Bangkok), starting with a tour of their fabulous garden. It was started by their custodian 10 years ago when the library was new and had no landscaping at all. It's unbelieveable - part forest, orchard, and tropical paradise. BTW, the gardener covers at circulation when the staff all have to be away!

The day was followed by dinner at a local open-air, roadside restaurant famous for salt-encrusted, grilled fish. Everything was yummy!
Happy to say, Louis has joined me here, and he's loving all of this, too.

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Ann said...

I am sooo glad to see you there Louis and that you have made it safely to Thailand to accompany on the rest of her adventure! Ann