Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thursday, Group Presentations and dinner on a river boat restaurant

The presentations were excellent, once again this week. I was especially impressed that one group mentioned writing proposals for new projects and including cost-benefit analyses. Must be an MBA in there somewhere.

Mr. President stayed for several hours and showed real interest in the groups' work. Very gratifying.

Dinner was in a most pleasant boat docked along the River. All the fish was good, fried (the tiny ones were especially crispy and tasty), steamed, etc.

Though it has rained only twice (briefly) since I've been in Thailand, we did have rain during dinner, so had to move to an inside table. Fortunately, it was next to the window, where the breeze cooled us. The library directors at PSRU (Sirisupa) and Naresuan (Supin), along with Nongnath, Sirisupa's husband, Jane (a librarian at PSRU), and I had a fine time and very good meal.

The other photo here is from my hotel room on the 16th floor of a new Mosque recently built in Phitsanulok. Though most of Thailand's people are Buddhist, there are quite a few Muslims, especially in the far south of the country. I was a bit surprised to see a new Mosque this far north.

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