Friday, March 2, 2007

Thursday, March 1 - Kasetsart University's new library

According to my colleagues at Kasetsart University, their new library is the most innovative and modern academic library in Thailand. They're probably correct. I haven't visited all academic libraries in Thailand, so I can't say for sure, but they're clearly on top at the moment. I CAN say it is impressive and compares favorably to any I've seen in the U.S.

Actually, their new electronic library is connected to their older, traditional library by an enclosed, glass-walled bridge. It's just what we'd love to have at Denison to connect Doane Library and Fellows Hall, where Computing Services is.

Kasetsart's traditional library has the usual configuration of circulation and reference on the first floor, with periodicals and books on the upper two floors. This is one of those buildings with an open atrium in the middle. Looks nice, but as a librarian, when I see such designs, I always worry about the lost space for users, computers, and shelving. Fortunately, their new addition does not have that problem. It's colorful and jazzy, loaded with lots of computers and media equipment. Best of all, it's very lively, filled with mobs of students.
I gave my lecture on library administration in a digital age, and they seemed engaged. That topic interest ALL librarians these days.

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Sahattaya Clayhan said...

Dear Dr.Scottie,
It is a privilege and a great honor to have Dr.Lynn Scott Cochrane as our guest speaker on March 1,2007.Your lecture about Library Administration in a Digital Age is very useful and inspiring. The discussion session which followed the lecture was thought-provoking.I would like to thank you for visiting our library and giving us a lecture.

Sahattaya Clayhan