Monday, February 19, 2007

2-19-07 Khon Kaen lunch beside the river

The restaurant/resort beside the River Chi was a real treat. The resort has small, traditional Thai bungalows on stilts surrounding the grounds with lots of gardens and water features. One of the resort's restaurants is on a river boat next to a fish farm. All of this has been developed by Thai owners (local, I assume), and it is impressive.

Our lunch was yummy, as most of my meals in Thailand have been. In addition to the hot, shrimp/crayfish soup (Tom Yum Gai?), we had crispy fish (I got the tail this time), a seafood salad, lots of rice to cool the heat of some dishes, etc. The breeze cooled us, and I was fascinated by the roof made of palm leaves, once again in a traditional style.

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